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Your Furnace Should Never Do This

We get a lot of calls from homeowners who notice something “strange” about their heating system but aren’t quite sure how serious the problem is. While we want to remind you that our phone lines are always open for people to call us and ask, you should be able to parse this out for yourself sometimes. There are absolutely things that signify the need for furnace repair in Helena, MT and there shouldn’t be any grey area around it.

To keep things simple, here’s a list of things that your furnace should never do. This means if you locate anything on this list that seems familiar, or that you just noticed your furnace doing, you should schedule repairs as soon as possible.

Don’t try to convince yourself that your furnace is the exception, and don’t start rationalizing why you can wait for repairs. Some of these fixes just can’t wait.

Bad Smell

This is an easy one. If your furnace constantly smells bad, this is a huge red flag that gas is leaking from the system. Municipalities in the US inject a chemical into natural gas called mercaptan, which is what gives it that rotten-eggs smell. This is for a good reason since now it’s much easier to notice when your heater is leaking gas and do something about it before it turns into a full-blown fire hazard.

When a furnace has been neglected or it gets too old, the heat exchanger can crack. This can lead to both gas and carbon monoxide leaking into your indoor air and causing problems. If you detect gas or any bad smells near your vents or your furnace, turn the system off and call for help.

Grind, Shriek, Boom, or Buzz

While these might not be as serious of a problem as the one listed above, they can quickly become that serious if left to their own devices. Grinding, shrieking, booming, and buzzing are all noises that signify a problem with your furnace.

The longer you let these kinds of noises go on, the more likely it will be that your system runs into a catastrophic issue that either causes it to break down or lead to a safety concern. That gas leak we mentioned earlier could come about because your system has been booming or shrieking for a long period of time.

Cost Too Much

Now, this might not seem like a problem we need to address but bear with us. Your heater was installed to use gas and electricity efficiently. If it’s starting to run up the bill each and every month, you never really signed up for that. This can usually be the result of a clogged air filter, lack of maintenance, or a repair need that should be addressed. Either way, your heater should never cost too much to run.

Need Repairs Every Year

A furnace should only need repairs once every few years. If it’s becoming a regular occurrence for your furnace to need repairs, then it might be time to replace it. Remember—reoccurring problems can always lead to a safety concern down the line. Don’t neglect what your furnace is trying to tell you!

Don’t hesitate to contact Ambient Air Solutions for furnace repairs today. Simplifying heating & cooling.

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