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Serving the Bozeman & Helena Areas
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Tankless Water Heaters in Bozeman, MT

You may have heard about tankless water heaters and the benefits they offer compared to the conventional storage tank water heaters. Tankless water heaters do have many advantages, and although they may not be the best choice for all households, we recommend any homeowner looking for a new water heater give serious consideration to a tankless water heater installation.

You can put your full trust in Ambient Air Solutions when you require water heater services of any kind. We value communication and customer service, and we have some of the most extensively trained service technicians in the Helena and Bozeman, MT areas. It’s why we can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services. We install Rinnai tankless water heaters and offer maintenance and repairs for all makes and models.

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The Many Advantages of Tankless Water Heater Installation

A new Rinnai tankless water heater to replace an old storage tank unit can make a tremendous difference for a home. A tankless water heater only heats up water when there is a demand for it—as the water starts to move through the unit toward a hot water tap, a heat exchanger transfers heat from gas jets or electric heating elements to the water. As soon as the demand stops, the heating stops. There are many benefits of this type of water heating system:

  • Energy Savings: A storage tank water heater must regularly heat the water in its tank to replace standby heat loss, where a tankless water heater only runs when there’s a need for hot water. The energy savings means a tankless water heater will quickly pay back its installation cost.
  • Unlimited Hot Water: As long as a tankless water heater is properly matched to a house, it won’t run out of hot water—it will always heat up more!
  • Longevity: With less stress due to lower energy use, a tankless water heater can outlast a storage tank unit, often by many years.
  • Small Size: A tankless water heater is small enough to fit on a wall, freeing up the space a large water tank consumes.

Tankless Water Heater Repairs 24/7

Another benefit of using a tankless water heater in a home is a lower amount of repair needs. But if your tankless water heater runs into problems, such as blocked intakes or failed gas jets, you can reach out to our professionals for same-day emergency repair service. And you can reach them any time of the day, any day of the week, including holidays. We do more than just promise 24/7 service—we always pick up the phone so you can talk to a person who’ll help to schedule the work.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance in Bozeman, MT

A big part of our job at Ambient Air Solutions is helping our customers avoid emergencies and systems that fail years before they should. We offer tankless water heater maintenance through our Residential Savings Program (RSP). You only have to call us for the details and to enroll. Once a year, our experienced service technicians will inspect, clean, and tune up your water heater for the best possible performance and energy savings. We are your trustworthy local contractor in the Helena and Bozeman, MT areas!