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Serving the Bozeman & Helena Areas
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Bozeman, MT Air Filtration Systems & Air Purifiers

When it comes to enjoying cleaner and healthier air in a house, the best place to start is to explore the options for air filters and air purifiers. Whole-house filtration and purification systems that professionals select and install can remove more than 98% of the contaminants circulating through a house. This not only means better health and comfort, but also a cleaner home and an HVAC system with a longer, more energy-efficient service life.

When you’re looking for indoor air quality systems from brands like Aprilaire, Fantech, and Honeywell, Ambient Air Solutions is the top local contractor in the Helena and Bozeman, MT area you can turn to. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services, and our technicians are NATE and EPA-certified and have superior training compared to the technicians at many other contractors.

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Finding the Right Air Filters and Purifiers

You can find air filters at stores and purchase air purifiers online. But these are not the systems you need for the cleanest air. Store-bought filters are only for the HVAC cabinet, where they serve an important job, but not the job of improving indoor air quality. Small, portable air purifiers only affect limited areas and have low power levels.

For serious indoor air quality improvements, a home needs professional installation of whole-house air filters and purifiers. Matching filters to the HVAC system is vital, since a filter that’s too effective at trapping particles will restrict airflow and damage the heating and cooling equipment. And with the many types of air purifiers available, you’ll need an expert to find which kind will target the contaminants in your house.

We Also Work With UV Air Purifiers

One of the most difficult air pollutant troubles to combat is organics like mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. These are also among the most harmful pollutants, so if they’re present in your home, you absolutely want something done about them.

This is where we can offer a great solution: installing UV germicidal lights, a.k.a. UV air purifiers. These devices send out ultraviolet light that disrupts and kills organic pollutants. It won’t put any chemicals into the air and is harmless for people and pets.

Expect the Best When You Work With Us in Bozeman, MT

We work with the finest air filtration and air purification systems available, developed by the top names: Fantech, Honeywell, and Aprilaire. For example, we offer the powerful Aprilaire Model 5000 Air Purifier. This is the only air purifier that captures more than 98% of dirty indoor air. It captures and kills particles less than a micron in size (which is around 120 times smaller than a human hair).

This not only makes for cleaner air, but also prevents dust buildup in the home. It performs 24 hours a day, or whenever you need it, and will help to maximize the life of your heating and cooling systems. It only needs maintenance once a year, and we can include this service as part of your Residential Savings Program visit.

This is only one of the superb models of air filtration and purification systems we install at Ambient Air Solutions. Contact us today, and we can go over other options like UV air purifiers and standard air filters.