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Serving the Bozeman & Helena Areas
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Commercial Maintenance in Bozeman, MT

Protecting the regular operations of your commercial business or facility in the Gallatin Valley Area is vital for continual success. You can’t afford to have sudden failures in the HVAC system that might trap your business without heating on a winter day. Nor can you afford to pay more for your air conditioning system to run than you should have to because the AC has worn down from neglect. Regular commercial maintenance from professionals is essential.

Ambient Air Solutions offers three different Commercial Savings Programs (CSP) to businesses in the Helena and Bozeman, MT, areas that deliver hassle-free maintenance. We have some of the best-trained and most trustworthy technicians in the region to handle regular HVAC inspections and tune-ups. Our techs receive continual training (a thousand hours a year) and are NATE and EPA-certified.

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Professional Maintenance Is the Only Way to Go in Bozeman, MT

Maintenance for powerful commercial HVAC systems isn’t something you can assign to an amateur or a local handyman. It requires skilled professionals to do this service and keep equipment up to code and in prime shape. Even many professional HVAC companies only do the most cursory job when they’re on site, running down a quick checklist. Our work is always thorough—other contractors may make big promises, but we always follow through. Earning the trust of customers is part of our mission.

Find the Maintenance Program Tier That Fits Your Business

Not all businesses and budgets are alike, so we provide three different tiers of maintenance programs you can choose from. There’s no difference in the quality of the work you’ll receive from tier to tier, because our technicians will never do anything less than the best work possible. You’ll receive hassle-free maintenance—we’ll take care of all of it for you!

  • Gold Tier: $195 for the first unit, $125 for each additional unit. You’ll enjoy priority customer status, quarterly maintenance, verification and inspection of equipment operation, air filters replaced, belts replaced (as needed), minor repairs addressed on site, and a written recommendation report with all maintenance concerns noted. Members receieve 10% discount on repairs, 15% discount on upgrades and improvements, and all repairs are backed with a three (3) year parts and labor warranty.
  • Silver Tier: $195 for the first unit, $95 for each additional unit. Maintenance performed 2-3 times per year based on your preference, visual inspection of equipment, equipment operational check, air filters replaced, thermostat calibration, and a written recommendation report with all maintenance concerns noted.
  • Bronze Tier: $95 for the first unit, $50 for each additional unit. Quarterly maintenance, equipment operational check, air filters replaced.

Prices are per visit, and all Commercial Savings Programs are for one year. We’ll provide on-site survey for the equipment contract before providing a quote for ongoing work. Prices are per visit, and repairs requiring parts to be replaced are excluded from the cost. Membership subscription must remain current for parts & labor warranty.

Commercial Maintenance Is a Long-Term Investment in Success

The benefits of regular commercial maintenance are tremendous. Our technicians will catch signs of failing parts or parts that have already failed so they can be repaired before the season starts. The adjustments, cleanings, and tune-ups will prevent repair troubles and ensure energy-saving performance. Maintenance also keeps equipment warranty in force and prolongs system life.

Ambient Air Solutions wants you to know you can trust us to look after your commercial needs in the Helena and Bozeman, MT areas. Call us today for more information on our Commercial Savings Programs.