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What Does an Air Filter Do?

We talk a lot about air filters on this blog, but we think it’s about time that we covered what they do specifically. Air filters, contrary to popular belief, don’t actually target contaminants to improve your air quality indoors. They just do this on accident. Air filters are designed to protect your heating system from contaminants that might damage their sensitive components or hard-working parts.

If you’re looking for more high-quality air filtration systems that are designed to keep your air safe and clean, then you should check out some of our amazing products on the indoor air quality section of our website. However, if you’re trying to learn more about how an air filter is going to protect your heat pump in Bozeman, MT, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s talk about heat pumps, their air filters, and what you can do to better improve the efficiency and output of your heating system.

The Science Behind an Air Filter

Have you ever wondered why every single forced-air heating system comes with an air filter? They can’t just be nice little additions if they have to be included with every heater like this. There has to be more to the story than meets the eye!

Well, there is! Forced-air heating implies that the air in your home is the most fundamental aspect of heating. The air has to be warmed to a specific temperature, which means that it’s going to be cycled through air ducts and your heating system. Unfortunately, this leaves your air vulnerable to all of the contaminants in your home that might have been settled otherwise.

The air filter jumps into this process to stop all of these contaminants from clogging up your system and ruining its efficiency or longevity. It protects the sensitive components and stops the cycle of contaminants being brought through your whole home again and again. It performs a pretty vital function!

Protecting the Sensitive Components

There are some sensitive components inside your heating system that need to be protected from contaminants. Your heat pump’s coils, for instance, need access to the air that flows through your home. These coils use direct contact with the air in order to heat your home. The more dust, dirt, and debris that settles on your heat pump’s coils, the less effective it will be at heating.

Plus, this will absolutely ruin the longevity and long-term efficiency of your heating system. Changing your air filter is a must because of just how important its job really is!

Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filter

You didn’t think that we’d get through this whole blog without a PSA did you? That’s right, it’s about time we gave you another reminder to clean out or change your air filter! After discussing just how important this component is, we’d like to remind everyone that you can and should replace the air filter all on your own.

Just let our team know if you run into anything concerning, or if you need help with your air filter.

Call Ambient Air Solutions for more information about heating systems and air filters. Simplifying Heating & Cooling.

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