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3 Ductless AC Repairs to Get Now

We know how much homeowners in our area love their ductless mini splits. They provide perfect cooling during the summer, and energy-efficient heating during our fall. Before you sit down and relax to enjoy your spooky movie marathon for the Halloween season, it’s important that you focus on one last point of order—repairs.

If you’ve got one ductless air handler that’s causing trouble, or you’ve got a system that’s leaking on your wall, then you’re going to want that taken care of as soon as possible. When it comes to air conditioning repair in Ennis, MT, anything that has to do with moisture should be fixed before our cold season strikes. That moisture dripping from your system is not only a breeding ground for mold, but it will also start to freeze and cause a whole host of other problems down the line.

Let’s talk about three common ductless AC repairs that you might need soon.

A Condensate Drain Clog

The first and most important issue we want to discuss is a condensate drain clog. When a ductless heat pump heats or cools your home, it goes through the humidity that’s in the air. That humidity can condense on the coils of the system.

Luckily, your ductless unit is designed for this influx of moisture. There’s a drain that’s called the “condensate line,” responsible for draining the moisture into a pan and depositing it outdoors where it can be far away from your home. The big problem with this is that the condensate drain can clog up after a lot of use, and eventually it will lead to moisture getting backed up in the system.

There are two problems with this:

  • Moisture backing up in your condensate drain can lead to mold growth.
  • The moisture in your condensate line can freeze during the winter, damaging the drain and your air handler.

If you suspect your ductless heat pump is having trouble draining moisture, then contact us immediately.

Ice on the Outdoor Coil

Ice can form on the condenser coil when an air conditioner is cooling a home off. As the fall has both hot and cold temperatures scattered through it, you might find yourself encountering ice on your system. Regardless of whether this is ice formed naturally through a sharp temperature drop, or if it’s ice that’s coming from your heat pump, it’s never a good sign.

First things first, change out your air filter. A clogged air filter can sometimes be the cause of this problem. Then, make sure you call our team to have the ice thawed and the system examined for any damage.

Poor Performance

Last but not least, repairs need to be made if your heat pump isn’t performing properly. Set the system to heat as temperatures begin to drop this fall, and pay close attention to the quality of the heat coming from the air handlers. If one air handler isn’t meeting the temperature demands of your home, or you’re dealing with a sudden increase in energy costs, then your system might need to be repaired.

Contact Ambient Air Solutions for repairs that get the job done. Simplifying Heating & Cooling.

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