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5 Spooky Sounds Your Furnace Shouldn’t Make

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We’re well into fall and that means you’ve been using your furnace for a while now. “Spooky season” can be the time of year when your furnace starts to emit some moans and groans as it struggles to perform. It doesn’t mean your furnace is haunted; it just sounds like it is. 

Let’s go over 5 scary sounds a furnace will make that mean it’s time for furnace repair in Bozeman, MT. That way, you’ll know to give us a call. The last thing you want is a minor issue turning into a major nightmare of epic proportions.

1. Knocking 

Knocking noises can sound like the trick-or-treaters have arrived early while rattling sounds like the ghostly rattling of chains. But these noises usually mean there’s a metal part loose somewhere in the furnace. It could be as simple as a screw that’s loose or something bigger like a blower fan that is loose from its housing and is knocking about the metal casing. Whatever the cause, give us a call to rid your furnace of these ghostly sounds.

2. Screeching

This noise can be truly frightening on a dark autumn evening. A high-pitched screech could be an issue with the blower motor. The motor has bearings that are prone to drying out if they’re not lubricated during a maintenance visit. A broken belt can also cause these nerve-wracking screeching noises.

3. Booming

Do you own a gas furnace? A booming noise from a gas furnace is a serious cause for concern. This concerning noise is possibly being caused by a small gas explosion that’s occurring in your furnace due to a gas buildup. When the ignition isn’t lighting properly, gas accumulates in the combustion chamber and makes a “boom” when it finally ignites. This is a safety issue that should be addressed immediately by one of our technicians.

4. Rumbling 

Rumbling noises coming from your furnace may sound like a cranky ghost is living inside of it. A rumbling sound usually indicates that the gas burners or a pilot light needs to be adjusted. Dirty burners and a faulty pilot light can delay ignition, resulting in a rumbling sound. This can occur in furnaces that haven’t been maintained regularly. Your gas furnace’s flame should be a steady blue color. If your furnace is showing any signs of ignition problems, give us a call for a prompt repair.

5. Clicking

A repeated clicking noise usually means there’s a problem with the ignition process in a gas furnace. The flame sensor is a safety device (called a thermocouple) that shuts down the furnace in case the pilot light goes out. This stops unburned gas from flooding out. The clicking sound may indicate that the flame sensor is faulty and shutting down the furnace no matter what. If the furnace isn’t turning on at all, this may be the reason. The thermocouple will need to be replaced. 

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