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Is It Time to Install a Ductless System?

We talk about ductless mini splits a lot, but we want to give ourselves a chance to explain why. Ductless heating and cooling is an essential part of the HVAC industry that homeowners need to be aware of. If you’ve got a home that’s small, or perhaps even a cabin that you’ve built with the help of family members, you don’t have to invest in the ductwork to stay warm during the winter or cool during the summer. There are alternatives out there, and we need to make that absolutely clear.

Does this mean that everyone needs to have a ductless mini split in Bozeman, MT? Well, no. But it means that everyone should be aware of the options in the HVAC market.

Keep reading as we explain why ductless systems are a good choice. Make sure you call our team if you have any additional burning questions!

Ductless Systems Aren’t a “Compromise”

Many homeowners think that ductless air conditioning systems are just a “last resort” if you can’t get a central AC unit or a more complex duct-based heat pump system. This is absolutely not true and we want to nip this misunderstanding in the bud now.

Ductless HVAC systems are highly efficient, highly effective alternative HVAC systems that work perfectly fine for many homes. Many homes would rather have a ductless system than a central air conditioner, even with the ductwork existing in their home.

Ductwork leaks air, which is why they can be precarious for even the most highly efficient central air conditioners on the market. Also, centralized air conditioning systems rely on a single thermostat reading for the whole house. This can quickly lead to battles over the indoor temperature and an unhappy family. Ductless systems are a unique way to avoid all of those complications.

Conventional AC Systems Aren’t Right for Every Home or Budget

Installing ductwork in your home, or having your ancient ductwork repaired and replaced can be extraordinarily expensive. We don’t mind doing these kinds of services for homeowners, but we’re not trying to squeeze every last penny out of you. You deserve to make an informed decision that’s right for your budget, and a ductless mini split system could be the most affordable and most comfortable option available.

Ductless HVAC systems come with a cost. They’re usually more expensive to initially install than central AC systems. Likewise, the individual air handlers need to be set up in strategic locations so you maximize the cooling power of each one in your home. For larger and more complicated homes, this can be quite the process.

However, ductless mini split systems actually save money on energy bills month after month. All the conditioned air that’s not being lost through your air ducts really adds up, and these systems will keep you comfortable and your budget happy.

The Benefits of a Ductless System

Here are some additional reasons to go ductless:

  • Separate air handlers. When one air handler breaks, the others can still function giving you a semi-working piece of cooling equipment!
  • Customized temperatures. Each air handler can perform differently for a more customized home temperature.
  • High efficiency. As we mentioned earlier, these systems are hyper-efficient.

Contact Ambient Air Solutions today for your very own ductless system installation. Simplifying Heating & Cooling.

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