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We’ve seen it time and time again–owners of a commercial establishment buying a portable air purifier to set up in their place of business. Whether it’s a restaurant or an office full of coworkers and employees, this just won’t cut it. Portable or residential air quality systems aren’t the same as commercial ones, and you can see this with some other industrial buildings that have to handle very serious concerns.

Think about a hospital or a museum! These buildings require precision indoor air quality control to the point where a residential unit could actually endanger patient lives or cause invaluable items to be destroyed. Now, your building might not be the same as a hospital or museum, but we’ve got a few reasons to talk about why commercial IAQ in Gallatin County, MT is so important. These systems are simply built differently, and they’re an important factor in keeping your building’s air clean.

More People, More Contaminants

Business owners often forget that people bring contaminants with them. When talking about commercial IAQ products, it’s important to remember that we’re not calling your building or commercial establishment dirty. In fact, it could be cleaned every single day, but customers and employees can bring contaminants into the premises with them and make things dirty.

Simply put, the more people you have traveling through your place of business, the more important it is that you have a commercial indoor air quality system like an air purifier or air filter that can stop contaminants and keep things clean.

Products, Inorganic Materials, and Industry

Depending on the type of industry you’re a part of, you might need a different commercial IAQ solution. For restaurants, air purifiers can be exceptionally powerful because they stop food from getting contaminated with mold or bacteria in the air, as long as other food safety procedures are being followed.

If your building produces goods, it might be a good idea to invest in an air filtration system that can collect any harmful inorganic contaminants from the air and siphon them away. This can ensure that your employees, customers, and clients can breathe safely while your products are being made.

It’s Good to Be Accommodating

Residential indoor air quality systems are chosen specifically due to a customer’s unique needs and comfort preferences. If you’re allergic to dogs, for instance, you can invest in a residential air filtration system that ensures no pet dander will travel through your air ducts and cause an allergic reaction. Or, for those with sensitive noses, an air purifier can help eliminate odors and keep things smelling fresh and clean.

However, with a commercial system, it’s harder to cater to individuals. There are so many people going through your building, from employees to customers and clients, it’s simply not feasible to cater to one person’s unique needs and preferences. Commercial systems are designed to be accommodating for all sorts of people. They might be larger and more expensive, but that’s because they simply clean the air more for a larger number of people, which can help keep your building more comfortable for more people.

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