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Correcting the Record on Commercial Heat Pumps

When people think of commercial heating in Bozeman, MT, they probably imagine a giant, towering furnace that glows red as it burns gas or wood to produce heat for an entire building. These are images that we see often in horror movies and suspenseful television shows because of how ominous they look–but nobody can deny that a furnace does a great job of keeping a space warm. However, as the industry changes, so too must our outdated view on heating systems.

Furnaces are one of many solutions to industrial heating. When you’re heating that much space, it’s important to know about all of the options and which ones might be more affordable, especially as natural gas prices and electricity costs shift. In our neck of the woods, building owners might think that only a furnace can do the trick during our cold winters, but that’s not really the case anymore!

The Trends of the Industry

You’re probably aware of some of this industry’s trends. Electrical heating systems are becoming more popular all across the board due to major advancements in heat pump technology, as well as renewable energy sources. The more renewable energy we harness, the cheaper our electricity becomes and the easier it is to heat and cool our indoor spaces.

Technology has come a long way these days. Heat pumps used to be only reserved for warmer climates, but now there are industrial models that can do wonders for larger spaces in colder climates.

The Sources of a Heat Pump

In order for a heat pump to work effectively, it needs a source of heat around it. This can be one of two things–the ground or the air. Here are how each of them works.


Ground-sourced heat pumps draw up heat from underneath the earth’s crust. The temperature stays relatively the same all year round underground, so it’s an easy source of heat for your industrial space. These systems can often be the most expensive to invest in, so we’d argue that most commercial customers starting out with a heat pump system look at air-sourced heat pumps first.


This is the most common type of heat pump, these units draw heat from the surrounding air. Even the air in very cold climates still has a certain amount of heat, so these systems specialize in drawing out that heat and putting it indoors where it can be trapped.

Comparing Costs

Before you make any decisions, it’s vital to the way the costs of your decisions first. Talk with a professional from our team about the potential costs of investing in either a heat pump system or a furnace. Let’s take a closer look at energy prices, upcoming federal and state programs, as well as efficiency standards, and figure out which system costs you the least in the long run.

If we can figure that out, then hopefully the answer for “what kind of commercial heating investment I should pick” will be clear as day!

To start your heat pump journey, contact Ambient Air Solutions today. Simplifying Heating & Cooling!

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