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4 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is almost here and it’s a holiday that celebrates being thankful. If you’re hosting a traditional meal with family, or having a “Friendsiving” instead, there’s one thing that’s required above all others to ensure a successful event and that’s a comfortable home.

That’s why we’re giving you 4 essential tips to get your home ready for Thanksgiving–and the rest of the holiday season. If you’re not entirely certain that your furnace is up to the task of keeping your guests warm and cozy, it’s not too late to call us for furnace services

T Is for Turn Down the Thermostat

Everyone has their own preference for how warm a home should be. In fact, your first inclination might be to turn up the thermostat to make your home especially cozy for your guests.

However, keep in mind that on Thanksgiving, your home will heat up naturally due to all of the cooking and baking going on. Also, your house will heat up when you have a large number of guests coming over for dinner.

H Is for Heating Maintenance 

If you haven’t scheduled a tune-up for your heating system, furnace, heat pump, or mini split, there’s still time to do so! Although maintenance is best when it’s done before the heating season starts, this essential service is invaluable any time of year.

A Is for Air Filter

Speaking of the start of heating season–did you remember to change your HVAC system’s air filter before the cold weather set in? After maintenance, a clean air filter is the second best thing you can do to help ensure your heating system will keep the system working efficiently.

N Is for Noises

If your heating system has been making some unusual noises, now’s not the time to ignore them in the hope that they’ll go away. If anything, they’ll just get louder as Thanksgiving approaches, possibly leaving you without a functional heating system on Turkey Day!

Other than the sound of air flowing from the vents and the system turning off and on, your heating system should be silent. Weird sounds include banging, booming, screeching, clanging, thumping, and clicking. Give us a call if you hear any of these sounds coming from your heating system.

K Is for Know the Signs of Trouble

Do you have a furnace or a heat pump? It’s essential to keep the signs of trouble in mind as you prepare to host friends and family. Short cycling, weak airflow, cold pockets in rooms, and a dirty air filter are the most common issues with heating systems.

S is for Savings 

The holiday season is when every penny counts. Who wouldn’t be thankful for savings—especially at this time of year? No matter what type of HVAC service you may need, check out the many promotions we have going on that’ll help you save money on those expenses. 

We’re thankful for our customers and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season. 

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