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Breathe Easier in the New Year


With the holiday season behind us, many people are thinking ahead to the new year and making resolutions. Perhaps the most popular New Year’s resolutions have to do with health. While most goals revolve around exercise, diet, and weight loss, why not resolve to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your home?

If you want to vastly improve your home’s air, the best place to start is to explore your options for air filters and air purifiers. Whole house air filtration systems installed by our professional technicians can remove up to 98% of the contaminants circulating in your home! Boosting your home’s IAQ results in a host of health benefits such as improved sleep, fewer colds, reduced allergies, and less lethargy. Read on to learn more.

Why Do Homes Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Today’s homes were designed with one main goal: to make them energy efficient. This energy efficiency often comes at a price: it often results in homes with poor IAQ.

Your home was designed to be airtight. Unless you’re opening doors and windows frequently to let in fresh air (which no one does when it’s freezing cold outside), you’re not letting out indoor pollutants. The bad air recirculates throughout your home unless you have a system in place to remove them. 

A home with poor IAQ is one where the air smells faintly dusty and musty. You may have unusual odors you can’t pinpoint the source of. Another common issue is that there’s a fine layer of dust on furniture that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how often you clean. Having pets or a large household can also decrease your IAQ as the amount of dander, germs, and viruses increases.

Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers

Perhaps you have a portable air filter or air purifier in your home that you use to try and boost the air quality. However, you may have noticed that they have their shortcomings. Unless you have a portable unit in every room in your home–and multiple units in large rooms–these devices can only go so far. 

Whole house air filters and air purifiers are designed to target contaminants in your entire home and eliminate them. They’re installed alongside your home’s HVAC system so that they can clean and filter the air that circulates throughout your entire home

Why Choose Us for Your IAQ Installation?

When you rely on us for the installation of an air purification system, you can rest assured that we install only the best systems currently available on the market. We’ve tested and vetted various systems and only recommend the best.

We work with brands such as Aprilaire, Fantech, and Honeywell–companies whose IAQ products are among the most reputable. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services, and our technicians are NATE and EPA-certified so you can enjoy peace of mind that they have the qualifications needed to install your system.

Contact Ambient Air Solutions today for professional air filtration systems in Belgrade, MT. Simplifying Heating & Cooling!

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