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When to Call Us for Emergency Furnace Repair


There are obvious situations that will prompt a homeowner to call for emergency furnace repair in Gallatin County, MT. A furnace that won’t power on entirely or one that’s emitting cold air are a few obvious circumstances.

Although you may be hesitant to call for emergency repair if you have a backup source of heat such as a fireplace, there are some situations that shouldn’t wait until the next day. Let’s go over when you should call us for emergency furnace repair. We offer true 24/7 emergency services. We’ll also explain what that means.

Furnace Won’t Power On

Even if you have a backup heat source, you still can’t afford to be without a working furnace during a Montana winter. Because what if something were to happen to your backup plans?

Until the reason why your furnace won’t turn on is diagnosed, your furnace is still a potential safety hazard. If you have a gas-powered furnace, there could be a gas leak. 

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Speaking of gas leaks, a cracked heat exchanger–although rare–is a serious furnace problem that warrants immediate attention. This is a component in gas furnaces that houses the hot combustion gas from the burners. It also aids in sending exhaust to the outside air. 

The heat exchanger is made of metal and is subject to constant wear and tear as it expands and contracts with each heating cycle. Eventually, this strain can cause small cracks to develop. 

The signs of a cracked heat exchanger include a furnace that won’t power on or isn’t producing heat, your home’s carbon monoxide (CO) detectors have gone off, you can smell sulfur or rotten eggs, and you can hear a clicking noise after the furnace blower shuts off. 

This constitutes a true emergency. You should power down the furnace, evacuate your home immediately, then call for help.

Visible Smoke or the Smell of Burning Parts

The other potential safety hazard a furnace poses is a fire. Although this is another rare situation, it’s possible with a gas, oil, or electric furnace.

If your furnace is visibly smoking or you can smell smoke in your home that can’t be attributed to anything else, there are a few potential causes. A common reason is that the burner is malfunctioning. The burner ignites the gas or oil that powers the furnace. A dirty, clogged, or grimy burner can produce smoke. The blower fan could also overheat and generate smoke.

The acrid smell of burning metal parts is another red flag that your furnace needs emergency repair. This could be anything from a wiring issue to the furnace overheating. 

We Offer True Emergency HVAC Services

Many HVAC contractors list 24/7 service on their website. However, sometimes all that means is that someone answers the phone after hours. We offer true 24/7 services which mean if needed, we’ll go to your home outside of regular business hours to take care of any furnace emergency you’re experiencing. 

Contact Ambient Air Solutions today for professional furnace repair in Gallatin County, MT. Simplifying Heating & Cooling!

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