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3 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair


Your home’s water heater is an indispensable part of your home comfort and your personal health and safety. While you may have a backup heating source if your furnace goes out, nothing can replace your water heater when it runs into problems.

Considering the extremely cold weather we experience here in Bozeman, MT, water heaters do more work in winter weather because the water they heat is colder. That makes your water heater especially prone to the need for water heater repair. Let’s go over 3 signs that you need to call us ASAP to restore your home’s steady supply of the hot water that’s essential for your daily tasks.

1. Not Enough Hot Water

With our frigid winter weather, a hot bath or shower is a welcome respite from the cold. So you’ll definitely notice if your taps or showerheads are struggling to provide enough hot water for a bath or shower. 

Not having enough hot water for basic bathing and grooming could be caused by a broken mixing valve in that particular tap or showerhead. But if you’ve noticed other signs of not having sufficient hot water such as laundry that doesn’t seem to get clean, it’s probably the water heater. 

If you have hard water, there could be a buildup of minerals that are affecting the water heater’s ability to heat enough hot water. Don’t suffer through an inadequate supply of hot water any longer. We’ll get to the bottom of it and restore your home’s hot water supply.

2. No Hot Water 

If you’re experiencing a complete lack of hot water in your home, this should be considered an urgent situation that should be addressed quickly. Eliminate possible issues such as a tripped circuit breaker. No hot water could mean there’s an issue with the thermocouple, pilot light problems, or a broken dip tube. Calls us for immediate service to address a complete lack of hot water.

3. Reduced Water Pressure

A reduction in water pressure can happen slowly, making it difficult to detect. You may also notice that your water pressure is low only when you’re running hot water and not cold water. 

Decreased water pressure can be caused by hard water. As sediments build up, it can restrict how much water is able to pass through the water heater. It could also be caused by the water heater’s shut-off valve which may have inadvertently been bumped or moved by a family member.

Avoid Water Heater Repairs Altogether

Do you want to avoid a disruption to your home’s hot water supply altogether? The best way to do so is through regular water heater maintenance. That’s why we include water heater tune-ups in our Residential Savings Programs (RSP).

We highly recommend signing up for routine water heater maintenance. Not only are you less likely to need water heater repair, but you’ll also help ensure that your water heater lasts for its estimated lifespan. You won’t have to replace your expensive water heater before it’s time if we have any say in it.

Contact Ambient Air Solutions today for professional water heater repair in Bozeman, MT. Simplifying Heating & Cooling!

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