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Why It Pays to Keep Track of Your Heating Costs


Many homeowners pay their utility bills every month without giving it much thought. It’s only when there’s a sharp increase that they pay attention and wonder what could’ve caused such a huge spike. Often, there’s a correlation between a utility bill and usage, but that’s not always the case.

In this blog, let’s go over why it pays to keep track of your heating expenses to avoid getting an unexpected heating bill or even worse–an unexpected heating repair bill. The two are often connected by savvy homeowners who’ve been keeping an eye on increasing heating expenses. 

Pay Attention to Those Heating Bills

Every month, your utility bill arrives like clockwork and reflects the amount of fuel or energy that your heating system consumes. This can be concerning when you notice an increase in costs without any correlation in use. Here are 3 ways to hopefully avoid this problem:

  • Change your air filter. Every 1-3 months is recommended. This will help keep your system running efficiently for longer.
  • Schedule regular heating system maintenance. Regular tune-ups are the best way to keep efficiency levels high.
  • Invest in proper repairs. A broken or malfunctioning furnace will run up your utility bill as the system struggles with efficiency.

Be Aware of Any Trends

If you’re noticing a trend that your heating bill just gets more and more expensive every year, then you might need to replace your heating system. Furnaces and heat pumps have a 10-15 year lifespan. As HVAC systems age, they become less efficient and there’s not much that a quick fix can do to change that. Many components will start to wear down to the point that they can’t be repaired or replaced.

Don’t worry, our team can walk you through this situation too. HVAC system replacements can sound a lot scarier than they are since they’re more expensive than a repair, but you’ll be set up with a new energy-efficient system that’ll set you on a path toward energy efficiency and continued savings on your utility bills for many years to come.

Get Repairs Done Promptly

Repair estimates can be a source of anxiety for any homeowner because they often come up out of the blue and aren’t always expected. You may be tempted to avoid getting the repair work done if your system is still managing to provide some heat or if you have a backup source of heating like a fireplace.

But taking care of repairs promptly is the best way to avoid increases in your utility expenses. You can always call our team for a free estimate if you’d like to get a general idea of how much something will cost. Also, keep in mind that our team specializes in finding affordable solutions based on each homeowner’s needs and concerns. If you can’t afford a specific solution, we’ll work with you to find one that you can afford.

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