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4 Things That Can Go Wrong with Gas Furnaces

Inside a gas furnace gas burners ignited

A gas furnace is a tried-and-true method of heating a home quickly and efficiently. That’s why gas furnaces are so popular in Montana where the winters are lengthy and the temperatures are often below freezing. 

There are specific issues that occur in gas-powered furnaces as opposed to electric, propane, or oil furnaces. Let’s go over 5 warning signs that something is amiss. Calling promptly for gas furnace repair for some of these issues is crucial as they’re related to the combustion process. 

1. Overheating

A gas furnace relies on the combustion process to generate heat. So it’s no surprise that the inside of a gas furnace gets very, very hot. That’s why they’re installed with a component called a limit switch that cuts off the gas when the chamber gets too hot. If the limit switch malfunctions, the furnace will shut down entirely as a safety precaution.

2. Booming

A booming sound from a gas furnace is a frightening one to hear. This sound occurs when there’s a delay in the gas ignition process. As the gas doesn’t ignite immediately, the small accumulation of gas causes the mini-explosion and the resulting booming noise. This issue can get worse–and dangerous–over time, so call for a repair ASAP.

3. Short Cycling

When a furnace is operating as it should, it engages in a fairly long heating cycle that lasts about 15 minutes before it turns off. During that time, your home should reach the desired temperature. Short cycling occurs when your furnace turns on and off quickly and rapidly without completing a heating cycle. 

Short cycling is incredibly hard on a furnace because it causes so much wear and tear. Not only that, but your home won’t be heated well enough because the furnace isn’t staying on long enough to do so. Before calling for a repair, try changing the air filter if it’s clogged or dirty. This is the most common reason for short cycling.

4. Faulty Igniter or Pilot Light

Is your gas furnace at the end of its lifespan and produced prior to 2010? Older gas furnaces used standing pilot lights to ignite the burners. A common issue in older gas furnaces occurs when the pilot light goes out and fails to ignite the combustion gas. Dirty gas burners in furnaces that haven’t been maintained properly can also cause ignition issues.

Today’s furnaces are equipped with electronic ignition systems but this part can fail and may need to be replaced. This could be the reason why a gas furnace fails to power on.

5. A Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is what helps turn combusted fuel into hot air fit for warming up your home. Subject to so much wear and tear, the heat exchanger can develop cracks due to how it constantly changes temperature. Cracks can allow carbon monoxide to escape from the heat exchanger, possibly entering your home and becoming a major safety hazard.

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