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Yes, Your Mini Split Needs Maintenance


If you have a mini split AC, you’ve undoubtedly been enjoying its cooling power and the zone control it brings to your home. Although it might seem like your mini split will quietly hum along forever without any need for servicing, it’s still a complex piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance to keep performing well.

Although mini split tune-ups should be performed by a professional HVAC company twice a year, there are a few maintenance tasks you can–and should be doing–as a homeowner.  Let’s go over the tasks you can complete and also what happens during professional maintenance. These maintenance tasks are essential to the continued functionality of your mini split.

What mini split maintenance tasks can I complete?

Routine maintenance tasks that can be performed by homeowners are all easy and can be completed by anyone. Put a reminder on your list of home maintenance tasks to complete these items regularly. Also, before starting any mini split maintenance tasks, be sure to turn off both the outdoor and indoor units.

  • Routing cleaning: Wipe down each air handler with a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt to keep less debris from entering the system.
  • Clean or change the filters: Check the filter in each air handler on a regular basis, ideally once per month. Dirty filters should be cleaned and changed regularly to help your mini split run at peak efficiency. 
  • Clean the condenser: The condenser is the outdoor unit. Make sure the surrounding area is clear to maximize airflow. When the condenser is visibly dirty, make sure the system is powered off, then gently spray it down with a garden hose. 

What happens during professional mini split maintenance?

Your mini split system should receive regular tune-ups twice a year. Ideally, this would happen before heating season and before cooling season. However, it’s essential to have maintenance done whenever you remember to schedule it.

Our technicians perform a series of tasks to ensure the system will be in perfect working order. Here are some of the things that we check during a maintenance appointment.

  • Electrical connections: Because your mini split system runs entirely on electricity, we’ll check all electrical connections and look for any short circuits or signs of overheating.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks: We’ll make sure your mini split doesn’t have any refrigerant leaks and check the refrigerant pressure. 
  • Check the condensate lines: The moisture that’s removed from the air is drained from your home via condensate lines. Sometimes these can develop clogs and lead to water leaks. We’ll check the line to make sure it’s clear. 
  • Change the air filters: If you’ve forgotten this maintenance task, we’ll take care of it for you. Making sure the air filters are clean will help optimize your mini split’s performance.
  • Check the condenser: The condenser is the most important component of your mini split system. We’ll make sure it’s working properly.

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