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Home Benefits of Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators


The amount of insulation that homes have has increased over time. A well-insulated home is an energy-efficient one, and who doesn’t want to use less energy and pay smaller bills?

There’s one major drawback to homes that are tightly sealed: well-insulated homes affect indoor air quality (IAQ).

With nowhere for the pollutants and contaminants in your home’s air to go, they become trapped inside. Opening doors and windows is a good way to bring in fresh air, but doing so also creates more work for your HVAC system. It also allows in unwanted pollutants from the outside air. 

Luckily, there’s a clever solution for this tricky problem: the installation of a heat or energy recovery ventilators.

These allow clean, fresh air to enter your home without causing fluctuations in temperature that can wreak havoc on your utility bills. Read on to learn more about how heat recovery ventilators in Belgrade, MT can help improve the comfort of your home.

Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators Benefits

Energy recovery ventilators and heat recovery ventilators are referred to as ERVs and HRVs for short. A professional HVAC technician will connect these devices to your home’s existing HVAC system. They work by exhausting poor-quality indoor air and replacing it with an equal amount of fresh, outdoor air. 

You may be wondering why they’re called “recovery” ventilators. To prevent energy waste, ERVs and HRVs use the indoor air to pre-heat or pre-cool the incoming air, which “recovers” the energy originally used to heat or cool the indoor air.

In the winter, the warm air in your home heats up the fresh cold air as it exits the house. In summer, the cool indoor air removes heat from the warm outdoor air as they change places. This helps fresh air circulate throughout your home without forcing your HVAC system to work harder.

ERVs and HRVs can extend your heater’s and AC’s life by reducing wear and tear. Because they boost your HVAC system’s efficiency, you won’t have to keep it running as much and it can last years longer. As a result, you’ll avoid costly repairs and high energy costs.

Rely on Professional Installation for Your ERV & HRV Systems

These systems must be installed by professionals who can successfully integrate them with your existing HVAC system. Their installation will not only improve your IAQ, but it’ll make a huge difference in your home comfort and in your utility bills. 

Call the indoor air quality professionals at Ambient Air Solutions and ask about your options for energy and heat recovery ventilators. Our service technicians have extensive training and always aim to provide the best customer experience.

In addition to installing ERV and HRV systems, our technicians have the expertise needed to repair and maintain them to ensure they serve you well. We can also assist you with finding the right model for the size of your home and your specific needs.

Contact Ambient Air Solutions to discuss the installation of ERVs and HRVs and other indoor air quality services in Belgrade MT. Simplifying Heating & Cooling Since 2009.

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