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Our Climate and AC Together: A Guide

Our weather in Montana isn’t necessarily stable. Outsiders usually have the wrong impression, that our winters are cold and our summers are mild—but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While yes, our winters can get bitterly cold, our summers are often hot and last well into September. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to continue talking about air conditioning.

Nights are starting to get cold and temperatures during the daytime are still reaching the 90s. That means when it comes to HVAC service in East Helena, MT, you need a solution that keeps you warm and cool.

If you’ve been struggling to keep your home comfortable for the past few weeks, we’ve got two words for you: heat pump. It might be the perfect time to invest in a system that can reliably and efficiently keep you comfortable during these uncertain days.

Heat Pumps? What Are Those?

Take a look at the weather forecast for the next week in Helena. It’s going to be hot, then cold, then hot again. This cycle can be extremely difficult to deal with when you don’t have a powerful heating and cooling system at the ready. Often times we like to think of fall approaching, so we can turn our air conditioners off and our heaters on, but that’s not usually how reality works!

Heat pumps use refrigerant in the same way that central air conditioners do, just with one core difference. Refrigerant can flow in the opposite direction and the heat pump can turn into a viable heating system. Your thermostat can detect the sudden drop in temperatures during the night time, and your heat pump will start heating your home to the comfortable specs you’ve set. Simple, right?

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Heat pumps are some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems out there. They run on electricity and don’t need to burn any fuel like a furnace would, meaning they’re better for the environment and safer to operate. Heat pumps are our solution to the temperature fluctuations in Montana, without needing homeowners to pay a high amount in energy or fuel bills month after month.

Heat pumps are increasingly becoming reliable heating and cooling methods in East Helena. They can efficiently deal with our cold nights while also giving you a simple answer to our hot days. Enjoy our beautiful fall without worrying whether or not your home will be comfortable.

Don’t Forget Maintenance!

When you purchase a heat pump, your life will change for the better. Summers will be easier to deal with and the transition to fall and winter will feel comfortable and easy. The only difference you’ll need to get used to is scheduling maintenance twice a year for your system.

We know that heat pumps are only one piece of machinery, but they’re used twice as much as other air conditioners or heaters. Since they function both as heaters and cooling systems, they need to be treated as two systems in one. Schedule maintenance in the fall and spring to have your system kept efficient and effective for years to come.

Call Ambient Air Solutions for your very own heat pump installation. Simplifying heating & cooling!

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