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What To Look For In A Commercial HVAC Contractor in Montana

Here in Montana, we certainly have our periods of hot weather. Not only that, temperatures can be unpredictable. No Gallatin County business can be caught without an effective commercial AC system to keep residents, tenants, customers, and employees happy. Even on a mildly warm day, a commercial space without a working HVAC system will cause discomfort to everyone in it.

It’s probably easy to locate a number of “HVAC professionals” who are perfectly willing to work on your commercial HVAC systems. But how do you know they have the experience needed to work on these systems? Let’s go over what to look for when choosing a commercial HVAC contractor. Choosing a company wisely can make or break your business.


If you get a message on a Friday night from a tenant or customer that their heat is out, that’s something that can’t wait to be addressed on Monday at 9:00 AM. You need to be able to get in touch with an HVAC contractor immediately. Because emergencies don’t happen Monday-Friday from 9-5, you need to choose a contractor that offers true 24/7 emergency services as we do.


We don’t just mean that your commercial HVAC professional needs experience with HVAC in general, but that they must have experience working in commercial HVAC. A residential contractor just won’t cut it. Commercial HVAC systems are incredibly complex compared to residential equipment.

If someone who doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing tampers with your expensive equipment, there’s a huge possibility of not knowing how to fix the problem, but also causing additional damage.


A well-established contractor will have strong relationships and familiarity with HVAC equipment vendors. Not only will help ensure that you’re getting the best prices on equipment and parts, but it also means the technicians are well-qualified to work with those specific systems. 

We have formed partnerships with the best commercial HVAC equipment manufacturers so we can install the finest systems for your businesses such as Coleman, Rheem, and CaptiveAire. Our technicians are Coleman Certified and we’ve won the Coleman Premier Dealer Award many times. 


There are specific certifications that a leading commercial HVAC contractor should have that’ll let you know you can trust them for your commercial HVAC needs. The first is NATE certification. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence and it’s the standard by which all professional HVAC technicians are measured.

Another important certification comes from the Environmental Protection Agency. This is the official recognition by the EPA that a technician is knowledgeable about the laws and regulations for ozone-depleting substances, or ODS, such as refrigerants.

Our technicians are both NATE and EPA-certified, and they undergo more than a thousand hours of in-house training a year. They also hold certifications from Fujitsu and Daikin.


Regular, professional heating maintenance is necessary and needs to be easy to schedule. That’s why we offer 3 tiers of commercial maintenance plans to make it as simple as possible to find the best maintenance plan for your business’s needs You can easily schedule HVAC maintenance through our Commercial Savings Programs.

Contact Ambient Air Solutions today for professional commercial HVAC services in Gallatin County, MT. Simplifying Heating & Cooling!

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