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Serving the Bozeman & Helena Areas

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Serving the Bozeman & Helena Areas
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Residential and Commercial HVAC Services in Townsend, MT

It can be difficult to find fully trained and certified HVAC technicians in Townsend, MT, making it risky when you’re a homeowner or business owner who needs fast and reliable heating and cooling service. But Ambient Air Solutions makes it easier-we have the best-trained service technicians in the area on our team, and you can reach them any time of the day or night. We not only provide exceptional customer service and 24/7 emergency help, we back up all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Service for all makes and models, and we carry the top brands.

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You never want to have to struggle to properly heat your home, especially in our intense winters. Ambient Air Solutions has the best heating brands and models for installation and replacement, and we can fix and maintain any furnace, heat pump, or other system. We know how essential a trustworthy heating system is for your family, and that’s why we’re the trustworthy team who can solve any heating issues-no matter how large or small. Schedule service today.

Air Conditioning

The summers in Townsend, MT don’t have the same brute force as the winters, but they can be highly unpredictable. We can help ensure your home is ready for the high temperature swings with excellent air conditioning installation and replacement work. Our maintenance plans, the Residential Savings Programs (RSP), can keep your AC in peak shape so it lasts for years and won’t suddenly fail on you. we also service ductless cooling systems and heat pumps.

Indoor Air Quality

The air inside a home is often trapped during long stretches of the year because of the heavy insulation against outside temperatures. This leads to stuffy and pollutant-crammed air circulating through the living space. You can beat this low indoor air quality with the help of Ambient Air Solutions. We have indoor air quality specialists who install powerful air purifiers and air filtration systems, humidifiers for the dry winters, and energy and heat recovery ventilators.

24/7 Emergency Services

"You need it when?" This isn’t the response you ever want to hear from an HVAC contractor when you call for emergency assistance. An even worse response is when nobody picks up the phone. You don’t have to worry about either happening when you call Ambient Air Solutions. We provide emergency service for heating and cooling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we always pick up the phone. This is part of our pledge of trust to our customers. We understand the difference our services make, and how important it is to make them always available.

Commercial Services

Townsend, MT has a growing commercial sector, and we are dedicated to serving businesses with HVAC as well as we serve homes. Our technicians have the training necessary to tackle heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, and new construction services. We only use the top reliable brands for any job we take on. We aim to provide you with complete satisfaction, no matter if we’re handling a fast repair or helping to design the HVAC for a new building.

Commercial HVAC

The effect of the unpredictable weather and extremes during different times of the year in Townsend, MT requires a special level of training and commitment when it comes to commercial HVAC. You can’t leave your business’ comfort needs in the hands of amateurs or anyone without proper training and licensing. And you don’t have to-because you’ve already found the trained service technicians who can take care of all your heating and cooling needs in your commercial facility right here.

New Construction

Many different contractors work together in new construction, and it’s our job to handle designing and installing the HVAC systems in these projects, as well as gas ranges and bathroom vents. Ambient Air Solutions can help with all types of construction projects, including building remodeling. We’ll ensure you end up with the exact results you want-we’re the trustworthy commercial and residential HVAC company who takes away worries and backs up everything we do. Call us 24/7.