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Serving the Bozeman & Helena Areas
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The Best Furnace, AC & Air Purification Service in Belgrade, MT

A problem that residents in Belgrade, MT often encounter is the lack of well-trained HVAC service technicians to help with the heating and cooling needs of their homes and businesses. Ambient Air Solutions was founded in 2009 to fix this problem-we have exceptionally trained technicians who are NATE and EPA-certified and receive ongoing in-house training. They are always a phone call away, too! We answer the phone no matter the time of day or night to help with comfort emergencies. All our work is backed up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Keeping a home warm during a winter in Belgrade, MT is a priority-the winters are long and often brutal with freezing temperatures. Our service technicians know exactly how to care for the heating systems that keep life going during the winters. No matter if you rely on a gas furnace, a heat pump, a dual fuel system, or a ductless heating system, you can depend on our experts to help you out. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our heating services.

Air Conditioning

The weather in Montana is tough to predict at times, and summer can hit us with hot days that make quality air conditioning a necessity. Ambient Air Solutions has the air conditioning services to help you enjoy summer as much as possible. We carry the best brands in central air conditioning, and also service ductless mini splits. Our 24/7 emergency service also applies to air conditioning, as does our maintenance program. Let us see that you stay cool.

Indoor Air Quality

Homes in Belgrade, MT face serious problems with low indoor air quality, especially during cold and dry winters when houses must be sealed tight against the outdoors. To improve stale and dry conditions in a house, our experts can install a range of IAQ products. Humidifiers take care of the dry winters, and dehumidifiers help in humid summers. Different types of filters and air purifiers reduce air pollutants from circulating, and energy and heat recovery ventilators bring in fresh air. Take a look at our indoor air quality services

24/7 Emergency Services

When your gas furnace abruptly shuts down and leaves your home cold on a winter night, would you prefer to have emergency heating services reach you as soon as possible, or would you prefer to wait until the business hours for your local HVAC contractor to begin? It’s a silly question-of course you want express service. Surprisingly, many HVAC contractors don’t offer 24/7 emergency services. But Ambient Air Solutions does! It’s another of the ways we are ahead of the competition.

Commercial Services

We want businesses in Belgrade, MT to benefit from our trained service technicians, so we provide commercial HVAC services along with our residential work. We offer different tiers of maintenance programs to help companies keep their equipment running in peak condition no matter the weather. Our install technicians can outfit your facility with top brands for heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. You can trust your commercial comfort to our trained team. Schedule your services today.

Commercial HVAC

It takes years of special training to be able to provide heating and cooling to a commercial facility. Commercial heaters and air conditioners are not only larger than their residential counterparts, they’re modular to allow for expansion and are constructed differently to allow for the best use of space in a building. If you have HVAC needs for your business, you cannot allow an amateur to do the work. Call on Ambient Air Solutions, and we’ll have your facility heated and cooled properly around the year.

New Construction

We are proud to offer new construction services for both residential and commercial projects in Belgrade, MT. The local economy is booming and more and more buildings are going up-and they need the expertise of our technicians to handle the heating and air conditioning services during new construction. We create custom HVAC systems, ductwork, ranges, vents, and more for construction and remodeling. Our technicians provide each client with what they want, not what we think they need.